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30 January 2011 @ 01:03 pm
AJISAI ::: Concert report - "Oceans Eleven" (Yokohama 30.12.2010)  

Exactly one month ago I went to the concert of AJISAI in Yokohama (I already told you about them here). It was a 3-band (san-bando) live, so there were also 2 other bands: Butterfly inthe stomach and SAY MY NAME.

When I found out that AJISAI will give a concert around the time I will be in Japan I was really happy. Even if I just know them for a few months, I really started to love their music.

So, on Thursday, 30th December, I went to a little hall called BAYSIS in Yokohama to see OCEANS ELEVEN. It was kind of strange for me, because it was the first time going to a concert in Japan. And while it was a little one I was really afraid while I would probably be the only foreigner there.

Arriving at the hall already some people stood there waiting. Suddenly a man came out, saying something and one by one all the people went in. I didn’t understand what he said so I was waiting a little before I also went in. I had to go downstairs and the walls around the stairs were decorated with signed posters. And I also found a band I know: Heidi. I was happy to see their poster there. I went to the women and showed my ticket and she suddenly wanted 500 Yen from me. I gave it to her and later found out that this was for a free drink. I went into the small hall and stood around there, always looking to the merchandise of AJISAI. Later I finally got the courage to go there and buy some. I bought around 4 CDs and a towel. And suddenly I was asked if I speak Japanese (for sure in Japanese). I said “chotto~” (a little) and then I was asked if I am the girl with the emails. Oh my god! They really read my emails (*Q*)

Totally happy because of this I went back to my place and decided to give them my card with a little message on it. But I wasn’t able to find my pen and so I asked the girl next to me if she has one. I was able to write a message in Japanese and handed my card over. When I came back I started to talk with the two girls – Yuri and Yuuka. We tried to talk in Japanese mixed up with a little English. It was kind of difficult, but also fun. At the end we got friends and exchanged email addresses. I’m pretty happy about this.

The first band was butterfly inthe stomach. I listened to some of their songs at YouTube and kind of liked them. They are also great live. And they were all very funny. The vocal told us the reason why it’s called “Oceans Eleven”. I just understood because all the bands together are 11 people. But it really was kind of fun. At one song they made a rhythm by clapping hands. And I couldn’t do that. Damn! Where was my Japanese music spirit!?!?

After this there was a little break. I asked Yuri and Yuuka how to get something to drink and Yuuka went to the bar with me. I was looking at the menu and decided to take the first I was able to read: Melon Soda! I have to practice reading Katakana more… but it was a really good choice. I started to love Melon Soda

When we came back it was time for AJISAI. I still can’t believe I was standing right in front of them. They started with a song I didn’t know. I should know it, but somehow I was not able to recognize. It was the total different with the second song: Niji. I knew it from the first tones. Followed by two other songs I really like. Then they talked about the new album and played another song I didn’t know – for sure I can’t know it because it’s a new one. At the end they played the song I was mostly looking forward to: Love lala love. It’s such a catchy tune and I listened to it so often within the last weeks. I was so happy to hear it. While the last chorus I held up my paper written “ドイツより愛を込めて” (lovely greetings from Germany). And then it was over…

I was smiling to my two Japanese friends and then we waited for the third band. While waiting I should teach them a few German words. Then there was SAY MY NAME. Also a cool band, which I enjoyed to see live. After they played their song also the other bands came on stage and all sang a song together. It was so great!! And such a wonderful evening!

Yuri and Yuuka told me that some of the members will come out afterwards and sign CDs and other stuff. So I waited to all my CDs and a Hello-Kitty-paper got signed. Then Yuri asked me if I want to take a photo with them and asked them if it’s possible. I’m so happy I got to know this two girls (^0^)
And for sure I hope I can go to another concert of AJISAI someday!


01 Soushin Error
02 Niji
03 Remember
04 Senkouhanabi
05 Kokuhaku
06 Saihate Train
07 Love lala Love


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Anika: Ryuichi Kawamuramakoto382 on January 31st, 2011 07:36 pm (UTC)
Awwww, what a great concert report!
I'm so glad you had the chance to see them live and you enjoyed it this much, my sweetheart! And of course I'm so thankful for the signed CD you gave to me ♥ It's one of my treasures ♥
And you know what? This with "it's called Oceans Eleven because there are 11 people in this three bands" - I thought so when I started to read your report! Really! I'm proud I figured it out before I read it in your report! XD
Ajisai are just love. <3 Let's hope they'll come to Germany so we'll be able to see them together!
Love you, honey <3