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13 December 2010 @ 08:18 pm
LUNA SEA in Bochum ♪♪  

So, now here is my report about the concert of Luna Sea in Bochum. Have fun reading! (^o^)/


When the concert of Luna Sea in Germany was announced all my friends were very happy and we planned to go there. On the day they released the tickets we quickly bought it (happily it was not such a chaos like at the Gackt concerts). 

Actually we planned to go to Bochum by train, but because of some problems with the train we decided to go by car. So I had to drive to Bochum… Unfortunately 6 days before the concert it started to snow at our place. We decided to start our travel earlier and so I started at 9 a.m. on 27th December at my place to pick up Ma-chan. After we met we went to Eisenach to pick up Betzi. We had a lot of fun at our travel. Even if we went the wrong way sometimes *laugh* And we talked a lot about the Germany concerts of Gackt and discussed some topics about Luna Sea.

We arrived in Bochum at 2.30 p.m. and went to the hall. There haven’t been many people right now. I saw a lot of Japanese people, some came to Germany for 2 days only to attend the concert. That’s kind of crazy, but ok. In the end I think 1 / 3 of the audience (or 1 / 4 …) were Japanese. When I was standing at the merchandise shop all people around me were talking in Japanese. And I was pressed against two good looking Japanese men, who were talking about buying the tshirt and discussing which size would fit them. They were really hot *laugh*

Because there weren’t much people when we arrived we were able to find our friends very quickly. We met Amber and Nana last time when we were at Gackt concert in Bochum in July. Unfortunately they live far away from our place. We had a lot of fun and got to know a lot of new people.

Nana, Ma-chan, Amber and me ♥

Most impressed I was by Ave, Avery Fane. He is amazing! Check out his website:
He speaks Japanese fluently and so he was talking a lot to the Japanese people. We talked to him in English – and also the German people started to talk only in English with each other. It was fun! I never spoke so much English at a concert *laugh*

We found a little paper at a window saying that the concert will be with chairs. I never have been to a concert with chairs, so it was my first time. It was kind of cool that we could take all our bags and clothes in the hall – and that we could relax sitting in the break before the encore.

So, at the end I think there were around 3 000 people. For sure, a lot from Japan, a lot from Germany, but also from Spain, France, Sweden, Italy, Russia, England, … and also 2 guys from Brazil! And for sure, Ave from Canada. A very international concert!

When they finally started to let us into the hall at 5.30 p.m. we were running to get some good seats. Luckily Nana, Amber and Ave were able to get in a bit earlier (they were on the guestlist *Q*) We were at the 5th row on the right side, so the side of Inoran and J. But I was happy that there were screens at the wall so I also was able to see Ryuichi and Sugizo from the near.

The concert began around 15~20 minutes after the actual time. Until this we had fun making “laola-waves” trough the whole audience.

Finally the lights turned off and the first thing we heard was the “Moonlight Sonata”. I really like this classic piece very much and so I was really surprised to hear it. But then the members of Luna Sea came on the stage. t was such an amazing concert. Indescribable! Luna Sea are very awesome live. I watched the “God Bless You” DVD very often and it was just like this. We jumped a lot and had a lot of fun. I felt very happy.

When Sugizo started to play violin the whole hall was quite and listening. It was so wonderful. And they played one of my favorite songs, “Providence”, which I didn’t expect to hear live. I had tears in my eyes. But then we went on rocking! For sure, “Rosier” was so awesome. I love this song a lot more since I heard it live. And I was impressed by the song “Face to Face”. I never listened to this song very often, but I really got into it when they played it live. We had a lot of fun when Sugizo was at our side and was shaking with his ass. Aw~ that was hot! *laugh*

Then they made a break and we all were screaming “a-n-ko-re!”. When they came back to the stage, Ryuichi said they will play “I For You” now. It was exactly the scene of the “God Bless You” DVD. And only by saying these words it made me cry. The tears were streaming out of my eyes. Ma-chan saw it and took my hand. We were holding hands for the whole song. It was so lovely. And afterwards she embraced me. I love you so much, my dear (*Q*)

The concert went on with two awesome songs, “Precious” and “Wish”, and then it was over. Sugizo was telling something about “We are one!” in English at the end of the concert. By the way, I didn’t like that Ryuichi was speaking Japanese nearly all the time… I didn’t understand much, only that it was cold in German.

Then Luna Sea went in front of the stage, taking each others hands. And everyone in the hall was taking each others hands, too. It was such a touching moment for me, such a wonderful atmosphere in the hall. It made me cry again. We all belong together – you could really feel this at this moment. (I still get tears in eyes when I think about it q__q)

Another group picture after the concert - AFT Germany!
Nana, Avery Fan, Adam, Amber, Ma-chan and me ♥

The concert was over at 9.30 p.m. after around 2 hours. We all were looking around when the lights went on and I could see the happy faces of my friends. Later we went out of the hall and started to find all the people of our group again. Then we made some last photos and we parted. Nana, Amber and Ave went to the train and we went to my car. We started to search for McDonalds and it took us over a half hour… But it was kind of funny. We ate there and talked and relaxed some time. Afterwards we started to go back at around 00.30 a.m. I had the problem that I got really tired and so we had to make a lot of short breaks. And then it started to snow… At the end I reached my home at 6.00 a.m. and went to bed. When I woke up again I couldn’t realize we really saw LUNA SEA only a few hours ago. I still can’t believe it!
It was such an amazing concert which I will never forget! There was such a great atmosphere in the hall which I have never experienced before. And for sure the band was awesome! I hope I can see them live someday again.

Here you can find photos: http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/fotos/fotoreihe.php?id=142610
Here you can find my German report:



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