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29 July 2010 @ 08:11 pm
„We are all different – but we are one FAMILY!“  
- Gackt in Bochum on 24th July 2010 -

I needed more time to start with the report of Gackt's concert in Bochum – I wrote the Munich report only one day after the concerts! - but I think it's because I have to go to work again... By the way, I wrote most of the report on my lunch break at work. And once I also started to cry while writing in the office!

But let's start from the beginning.

When we came back from Munich on Friday I wasn't able to sleep. And most of the day I spent in the internet looking for the first reports, photos and videos. Normally I wanted to go to bed around 8 p.m. - I already new that I never can do it – but after I found the translation of Gackt's last blog I couldn't go to sleep anymore. He wrote about breaking together after Munich concert and wasn't able to move and speak after waking up again. And he had blood in his mouth and never felt like this before... I phoned Ma-chan and we talked about it. And of cause we were very worried about the concert the next day. Even if Gackt would feel bad he would do this concert. Especially because it should be broadcasted. We just were able to hope everything will be right...
After thinking about the bad news I slowly started to pack my things for Bochum trip. At the end there were 3 bags (x__x)“ I don't move out, why I need all this stuff???
At the end I ended up in bed at 10.30 p.m – but I slept in very quickly. No wonder, I didn't really sleep since Thursday morning! XD

My clock should ring on 4.55 a.m., but at 4.52 a.m. I heard the loud siren of the fire brigade and was already awake. I dressed up, looked in the internet again – I shouldn't do, I wasted too much time -, made my Chacha-like hairstyling and took all my bags to go to the train station.
In Jena my friends also came into the train and we all started to have a lot of fun. We sang „Vanilla“ and tried to learn „Kimi ga matte iru kara“ lyric with singing it out loud. Good that we were alone in this part of the train XD
The nearer we came to Bochum the more people entered the train. Not because they wanted to go to Gackt, but because of the „Love Parade“ in Duisburg. Too many people! And some already have been drunken... We could see Bochum train station but only 5 meters in front of it the train stopped... WHY!?! Then the train driver said that we should say thank you to the one who touched the emergency brake. We all wanted to kill him!!
When we finally arrived shortly after 1 p.m. we put some of our stuff into the lockers – now I only had 2 bags with me – and went to the hall by bus. In the bus I suddenly noticed that I forgot the 2nd letter and the pictures of Munich I printed out for Chacha in the locker. I'm such an idiot!! I was busy writing the letter all the time in the train and now I forgot it in the locker (Q__Q)  ばかな よこちゃん!

When we arrived at the hall already a lot of people were waiting there. I was surprised that there was a row. In Munich were just groups standing around. We didn’t do many steps and we found Nana-chan and Amber. We hugged each other very much! If I think about that we met for the first time – aside from the 5 minutes at JapanTag – in real life. They already got very important for me. We also met Netami-chan and another girl we knew from Miyavi concert in Cologne last year.
First we were sitting in front of the hall near the entrance and were talking and writing in conhons. I restarted to write my letter to Chacha. One time someone cut of Gackt’s head from a poster and walked with it along the waiting fans. It was so much fun xDD We were screaming for fake-Gackt XD
Because it was already around 2.45 p.m. we went to the end of the row. There we found one red car. Nobody knew if Gackt are there already or if they still come. First we made photos in front of the red bus *laugh* Then we found Aka-chan in the row and went to her. We started to wait.
Suddenly a red car came from the back and we all went after it. First I wasn’t sure if they are in it – I didn’t know that there was a back entrance to the parking space. But when the bus stopped at the door and they started to put barriers to the bus, I was sure that they were in it. We all ran to the barrier and I stood 1st row on the left side. I had a perfect view – but it hurt!!!! All the people from behind were pushing from behind and I was pressed against the barrier. I made some photos, screamed for Chacha (I made a great photo of him!!) and was happy when they all went in and I could start to breathe again… horrible. I never want to stand in first row on such a concert!
We went back to the row and started to wait 2 ½ hours for the entrance. We had such a lot of fun. I love this girls!! We also had a fake-Jun-Ji with us which later gave autographs on our arms xDD We made a lot of photos, talked a lot of senseless stuff and time went by very quickly.
The entrance was pretty quiet. The total opposite of Munich.
After entering the hall I first gave away one of my bags and went to toilet. Ma-chan and her Mum already went into the hall. I came after them and was really astonished when I saw the inside of the hall. In the back and on the right side were stairs – which were almost filled with people. You for sure must have a great view from there. I found Ma-chan and we stood around 6 ~ 7 row – fur sure on the right side.
It wasn't too hot in the hall. That made me pretty happy, because I knew that I was not as fit as I was in Munich. We talked to some of the girls standing around us and found out that they also came from the eastern Germany. Yeah – East-German-girls rulez! Next time Gackt have come to the East of Germany! Just like Leipzig or so. I also was surprised that I saw more men than in Munich. Don't know if it's right, but it appeared to me like that. Standing in the hall I could look to each side and saw men – between hundreds of girls XD
The camera men already started to film us and just a few minutes after 7 p.m. the concert started. I was happy to see Gackt coming on stage with a smile again. And I was so happy to see Chacha again (*__*) Unfortunately I had some hairs between me and Chacha... Gackt & Gackt Job rocked the hall by their best! And me too! I screamed and jumped more then in Munich and I had a lot more fun!! It's like a girl said on Twitter: „It's indescribable what I experienced this night between 7 and 9 p.m.!“ For sure – you can't describe it!! It was so amazing!
Most of all I was looking for „Flower“. When Gackt finished with „Jesus“ we all turned on our glow sticks and screamed for „Flower“. Gackt was standing with the back to the stage – and when he turned he saw all the lights and made very big eyes! It really looked so brilliant! I also turned my head many times and when I first saw it I got tears in my eyes. Simply amazing!
Gackt started to sing „Flower“ a cappela – and we should sing along. Ok, I had forgotten the lyric again – but in the end I remembered the first lines. After „Flower“ they played „Kagero“ - still my favorite song of YFC. And this time it was over with me. When Gackt said „We are all different. Different countries, different colors. But we are one family!“ I started to cry! I couldn't stop anymore. Somehow I slowly released that I'm in one hall together with Gackt, Chacha and my friends – and we are all one family! I cried until the bitter end. I simply couldn't stop. And I didn't wanted the concert to stop. It passed much faster than in Munich. But it was so great! I can't wait to see the broadcast.
At the end I held up my heart for Chacha again and screamed for him. Some girls around me also screamed for him. It made me happy. Ma-chan, standing behind me, pointed with her finger on the heart. It made me even more happy when I saw it, and I started to cry even more! She told me that Chacha saw the heart. I can't say it... my eyes were filled with too many tears!
And also Gackt cried!! We screamed that he promise to come back. And then he wanted to ask us if we will also come back but his voice failed. We all screamed for him and suddenly we were able to see tears in his face. I still can’t believe it, but Gackt cried in front of our eyes!

When they went of the stage we went to buy something to drink. A girl behind me told another that she got Chacha’s tie. I asked her if I can touch it <3 And I made a photo of it x3
Then I got back my bag and went on toilet before we went out of the hall. Most surprised I was about that it was still bright outside. Strange feeling...
Ma-chan was already sitting out where and I sat down next to her. We my teddy in my arms I started to cry again. I think I must have cried for an hour or so...
Suddenly the bus came up again and stopped in front of the hall. What the heck?!? They really came out again to go in the bus in front of every ones eyes. And they gave their hands to the fans… I wish I would have stand at the front, but I was too far away. I would have died if I could touch Chacha’s hand.
Afterward I sat down on the ground again and continued crying. Suddenly Nana-chan came to us screaming she touched Chacha, Jun-Ji and Gackt. Her whole body was shaking and she came down to me and we embraced. Wow! I touched a girl who touched Chacha! No, Joke!! xDDD
Later we went back to train station and ate at “Mr. Chicken” – fitting to Gackt’s Yellow Fried Chickenz. We already heard that there is a train chaos because of the “Love Parade”. We ran to a train with 3 hours lateness and went with it around 11.15 p.m. … at the end we ended up in Paderborn. A train station with no open shops and even closed toilets. We had to stay there for 5 hours. It was horrible. And for sure I was pretty happy when we reached home after our 15 hours train journey. But for seeing Gackt I would also do this again!!

Thank you Gackt!
Thank you Chacha!
Thank you Gackt JOB!
This were the best night EVER!!

PS: Sorry for mistakes, but I’m too lazy to read it once more by now.
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hachi_terashimahachi_terashima on July 29th, 2010 06:25 pm (UTC)
Hey Hun ^__^
I didn't touched you..but I touched:

Yoko-chan90yoko_chan90 on July 29th, 2010 07:02 pm (UTC)
and i didn't touched anyone...
Yoko-chan90yoko_chan90 on July 30th, 2010 04:22 pm (UTC)
all in all most important is that you touched Cha² and I touched you afterwards XDDDD
Anikamakoto382 on August 6th, 2010 05:07 am (UTC)
One of the greatest days of my life.
I'm so happy that I was able to be at this concerts with you and the other great people!
I could cry even thinking at it...
And Gackt cried, too!
I still can't believe it...
I love you so much <3