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23 July 2010 @ 03:00 pm
„Show me how much you want to f*ck me!“  
- Gackt in Munich on 22nd July 2010 -

I still can’t believe it! It’s still like I’m dreaming! But it is really true! Last night we saw Gackt!! Live! And it was so amazing!!!
Could someone wake me up from this dream and tell me that this all is reality?? (Wake me up! Kono yume kara~ XD)

But let’s begin from the start.
The night before was horrible, because I haven’t finished my letter for Chacha… and I needed another 2-3 hours till the very end. So end 9 p.m. I started to fix the letter at me teddy bear and then I started to pack… I went to bed at 11 p.m., stood up a few times to finish stuff I forgot to do and then slept in.
I stood up around 8 a.m. took a shower and finished packing my bags. Around 10 a.m. I drove to train station to meet my friends and then we started to drive to Munich with the car. It was the first time for me to drive that far and so for sure I was very nervous. But everything went right and we arrived at the hall about 2.15 p.m. (^__^)
First what I said: “Oh! A Red Car!” – “Oh! Another Red Car O__O!” … and then a girl said that Gackt isn’t here by now that he will come with another bus. I just thought: “What the heck! Miyavi had one bus and Gackt? He doesn’t have one or two – he has THREE!”
Ok, then we look for a place in the shadow, found out there the entrance is and talked. And then they started to scream at the other site. Quickly we walked to the buses and the third one arrived. All were standing and screaming and filming – and it was simply crazy. I decided to make photos while my best friend Mako-chan was filming. First came Gackt JOB. And there he was: CHACHA!! ♥
Whoa~ I was so happy! I screamed his name, but I don’t know if he heard it. I hope so. His smiling was so cute *___* And then we waited again until Gackt came out. I thought he would wear a hat like I read in all the other reports. But he only wear sunglasses, trousers, a shirt and a jacket. But very sexy x3 OH MY GOD! Gackt is walking right in front of us!!
When they were inside the hall I started to cry. OMG! I can’t believe it. Mako-chan and I hug us and we both were very happy.

Back at our place a girl with a fanbook (the one from Animexx) came over and ask if we wanted to write something in it. I wrote “Hi Gackt! You just came into the hall and I’m outside crying! Tanoshimi dayo! I ♥ Chacha”
Afterwards we made videos and photos, talked, ate me little onigiri-chans and waited for the entrance. I was great that we could here the sound check outside. So we already had a lot of fun and could sing along. And we heard Gackt making a little voice training ♥
Some of the staff was making photos and videos. They made a great photo of us I think. And the photographer (he was so cute *___*) seemed to like our arms where wrote down “Gackt” and “Chacha”! And they made lot of videos. On one we are sitting there and Ma-chan says “Welcome to Germany!” and I sit next to her and scream “Chacha!” XD My brain is down, sorry! XD

The entrance was very slow, because every person was checked separately. Then I was able to put my teddy with the letter in a box and went into the hall. I think it’s a good hall because there are stairs, so you could see something right from the back. When Mako-chan found to me we decided not to go to the merchandise now because there already have been a very long row. So we went to the stage and stood on the right side (on Chacha’s site) around row number 10. It was very hot! We already were wet before the concert started. And they already started to give out water 45 minutes before the concert. Also one girl broke down before the concert started…
We talked to some of the people around us. And I was happy that I took my fan with me. It was really helpsome.
So, 6.50 p.m. Gackt’s secretary was speaking for the first time. It’s really great. I had to laugh so much XDDD You motherfucker! OSS!

Ok, then the concert began. Gackt JOB came on stage – and then Gackt. The crowd was screaming and pressing to the front. And it was hot!!
I don’t remember anything of the setlist. My brain is shut down, so I don’t know anything. And sorry if I write wrong stuff XD
About the concert let’s only say that it was amazing!! I watched the YFC dvd very often, but to see it live is … undescribable!! I liked Chacha’s hair. By the way, I was more watching Chacha then watching Gackt… And the others I didn’t really notice. I also only saw Junji at the end when he was throwing his drum sticks into the crowd. On the subject, they throw many things into the crowd! Gackt throw a bottle in front of me. The girl next to me got it and I got a lot of water from it on my left hand. Another girl right in front of me caught a plec of Chacha (Q___Q) And at the end they throw towels in the crowd. Chacha had a pink one. Pretty cute! And I also liked Chachas necklace – and his nail polish. At the end I was so close to the stage. I was right in front of Chacha in the 4th row! And then I decided to take of the heart I made for him from my dress and raced it up to him. On it “Chachamaru’s angle” is written. And I’m pretty sure he saw it. He pointed at me and smiled. And I’m damn happy. I could cry every time I think of it. So now I hope he reads my letter because I also put a picture of this heart in it. And I decided to write another letter to him while we are driving to Bochum by train (we have enough time for this!).
I had a lot of fun when Gackt said: “Show me how much you love me!” and then “Show me how much you want to fuck me!”. I already knew from another report that he says this, but to hear it right in front of you out of Gackt’s mouth – what the heck?!?!? xD

So, concert was great and everyone was wet… Don’t know what to write about more…
Ok, Gackt did too much,… like always! You saw him stagger on the stage and he sometimes didn’t look well. We were worried. But he always started to smile again – even if he felt bad… Take care of you, my dear. We are all worried about you. After the concerts the other girls of my group told me he fell from stage. I didn’t see it (maybe I was hypnotized by Chacha again – like most time of the concert). And a Norwegian girl told us afterward that he fall “into her arms”… By now I also read that he may did it by himself, but I don’t know something real… I didn’t even see anything… I just know that after the concert one of the buses was already away I definitely think Gackt was brought away very quickly.
But how I said: only thoughts, I don’t know anything for sure.

After the concert I was look for Chacha’s plec, because I saw one falling to the ground. But in the moment I found it another girl took it way right in front of my eyes… I told Ma-chan about it and was very sad. Then we went to buy something to drink. And while we were waiting Ma-chan suddenly held one of Chacha’s pink plecs in front of my eyes. She gave it to me and said that she caught it at the concert. I started to cry. To cry very badly and I was embracing her very much. I love her so much!! I hope I can catch anything tomorrow to give her something back…. But I’m so happy that I have at least one part of Chacha ♥
Later we went to merchandise. Still I’m very sad they didn’t sell Usagi Gackuchi (Q___Q) I bought a lot of other things, just like t-shirt (I will wear tomorrow), new album, photobook (to get the kamasutra cards xD) and key ring and charm ^^ Unfortunately the towels were saled out…

Because it was raining and we were thrown out of the hall we decided to go home right then. Normally we wanted to wait until the buses go,… but own already left – and we were all wet and there were thunder and flashes… so we quickly went to the car. I took of my totally wet dress and put on my MUCC shirt. And then we drove out of Munich. We stopped at a McDonalds and spent there some times with eating, changing clothes, looking at the merch and writing in each others conhon.

Then we went on. Traffic was ok. And we were at home around 3 a.m. But the first train of my friends just went around 6 a.m., so they came with to my (chaotically looking) room. I slept around an hour and then we went to train station again. At home I slept another hour – and stood up again. I can’t sleep!!! By now, since yesterday 8 a.m. I just have slept 2 hours and I’m not tired. Hopefully I can sleep tonight.
My train tomorrow will leave at 6.22 a.m. and then we will go to Bochum to live this dream again. I hope I can get back my power. I want to stand in the front rows again!!

So, that for now. I will upload some pictures later.
Now I’ve got learn lyrics! Finally I know what Gackt wants us to sing XD

I’m still hoping for a DVD or something like this… concert tomorrow will be shown in the internet (for payment)-

Bye bye
Love ya all ♥
A very happy Yoko-chan

(Oh, it became longer than I wanted to make my report xD)
(And sorry for all the mistakes in writting and english, but I'm to lazy to read it ones more for correction...)

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єℓℓι: Gacktmonstakarotte on July 24th, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
yo =D
dir hats also auch gefallen und ich muss sagen~ meine augen sind auch die ganze Zeit fast mehr zu Chacha gewandert als zu Gackt ^^' er is einfach irre sympathisch =D
Yoko-chan90yoko_chan90 on July 29th, 2010 06:17 pm (UTC)
chacha ist aber auch ein zuckerstück *______*
und sein lächel - ich könnt sterben!
ich werde nie vergessen, wie er mich angegrinst hat (Q___Q)<3
єℓℓι: Gacktmonstakarotte on July 29th, 2010 07:32 pm (UTC)
ich hoffe mal gackt macht sein versprechen wahr und kommt wirklich wieder zurück eines tages ^^

hmm, ich halt chacha zwar nicht für hübsch, aber wie gesagt total für sympathisch =D man sieht ihm aber voll nicht an wie alt er eigentlich is~
Yoko-chan90yoko_chan90 on July 30th, 2010 04:25 pm (UTC)
ich denke schon ^^ wir haben es schließlich auf video, und wenn er nicht kommt, erpressen wir ihn damit! muhahahaha~ XD

das war so süß in bochum, als er dann geweint hat, als wir so geschrien habe, als er gefragt hat ob wir auch versprechen zurück zu kommen (Q__Q)

chacha ist chacha - und bleibt mein absoluter schatz <3 und wie er grinst ist göttlich XD
єℓℓι: nagase redmonstakarotte on July 30th, 2010 04:26 pm (UTC)
haha, erpressung ist gut, das wirkt immer ;P
moii, herzig, geweint hat er? *patta*

jep, sein grinsen ist echt überirdisch XDD
Yoko-chan90yoko_chan90 on July 30th, 2010 04:29 pm (UTC)
wir bilden ne vereinigung die gackt erpresst! *lol*

ja~ es war einfach zum sterben süß, wie man die tränen in seinem gesicht gesehen hat. musste ich gleich noch mehr heulen! aber ich hab ja eh schon seit "kagero" geheult XD (und noch 1-2 stunden nach dem konzert auch XD)
єℓℓι: Ko-chan Shock O.Omonstakarotte on July 30th, 2010 04:32 pm (UTC)
sin wir dann sowas wie terroristen? o.ô XD

echt? ich war nach dem konzert so dermaßen hyperactiv, dass ich die ganze zeit nur durch den regen gehüpft bin~ ich war einfach unglaublich happy ^^
Yoko-chan90yoko_chan90 on July 30th, 2010 04:36 pm (UTC)
ich war auch unglaublich glücklich!! bin ich auch immer noch XD
ich lauf immer noch wie ein honigkuchenfertig grinsend durch die stadt XDD

aber in bochum war ich dann zu glücklich!! ich saß nach dem konzert vor der halle auf dem boden und hab einfach nur noch geheult. und ich konnte nicht mehr aufhören (Q__Q)

meine ewige droge: chacha's anblick, wie er mich in münchen angelächelt hat <3 es war in diesem moment nur für mich - und das macht mich totglücklich <3
chachafan on August 3rd, 2010 10:40 pm (UTC)
Hey! ^^ Was für ein süßer Bericht!
Bin über deine Chacha-Seite hier hergekommen X3
War auch beim Konzert in München dabei; Chas Seite war voll also stand ich direkt vor You - jaja, so tolle Supportmusiker lenken ganz schön vom Sänger ab, kann das nachempfinden ^_^
Ach ja, ich glaub ich hab dich sogar gesehen mit dem Teddy und dem Brief! ^^ Fand die Idee schon beim Konzert super.
Yoko-chan90: chachamaruyoko_chan90 on August 4th, 2010 06:15 pm (UTC)
danke schön <3
toll, dass du auf meiner chacha-seite warst (*__*)
wenn du magst - und zeit übrig hast - kannst du auch gerne einen kleinen englischen bericht für meine fanseite schreiben ^^ hab ja jetzt extra eine neue kategorie gemacht für's yfc 2010. fehlen nur noch fotos dafür (.__.)"

cool, wenn du mich gesehen hast! <3 hach~ ich vermiss meinen teddy so sehr (Q__Q) zum glück hab ich gleich 2 gekauft...
chachafan on August 5th, 2010 07:34 am (UTC)
Yo! ^^
Bitte, gerne! Ich schreib dir auch gern einen Bericht auf Englisch, einen längeren Report über das Konzert in München hab ich ja schon verfasst. Ich hoffe nur, du erwartest dir keinen 5-seitigen Cha Report, ich ging als Cha-Fan hin und kam als You-Fan zurück (was sollte ich auch machen, wenn der mir ständig vor der Nase rumtanzt? X3) Überhaupt war es bei dem Konzert schwer, sich auf mehr als eine Person zu konzentrieren ^^

Yoko-chan90yoko_chan90 on August 6th, 2010 06:11 pm (UTC)
danke <3 das ist lieb von dir!
ist doch toll, wenn man durch konzerte auch mal andere seiten entdeckt x3

jap, es war wirklich schwer sich auf mehr als einen zu konzentrieren. ich hatte auch zu tun neben chacha auch etwas von gackt mit zu kriegen XD
chachafan on August 7th, 2010 06:29 pm (UTC)
Mhmm...ein kleiner Bericht ^_^ Als ich meinen für die dears-Community schrieb hatte die Rohversion schon über 3 Seiten! X3
Hier ist auf jeden Fall mal der Report vom Konzert in München:
Anikamakoto382 on August 6th, 2010 04:57 am (UTC)
Was für ein toller Bericht.
Da fühlt man sich gleich zurück versetzt.
Es war so unglaublich toll!

Ich liebe dich auch, meine Süße ♥
kirakarnagekirakarnage on August 9th, 2010 12:59 am (UTC)
Das gleiche wie dir mit den Guitar Pic ist mir auch passiert, nur, dass ich keines mehr von einer Freundin bekommen habe T_T
Chacha habe ich fast gar nicht gesehen, weil ich stand zu weit weg und ich habe mich eh mehr auf Gackt konzentriert XD;
Wie auch immer, das Konzert war super^___^ Wäre auch noch so gern nach Bochum gegangen, aber es gab nur noch ein Ticket für 200€ bei ebay und das war mir dann auch etwas zu teuer ;)