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18 July 2010 @ 01:19 pm
"I like fish!"  
- Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra on 17th July 2010 at Kulturarena in Jena -

Last night I went to the concert of the Shibusa Shirazu Orchester. No, it wasn’t a concert – it was a party, no a “portii”!! XD

When I heard the program of this years Kulturarena is out I was looking for a Japanese act. And for sure there was one. This year a Japanese orchestra should play. A crazy Japanese jazz orchestra. Ok, I like Japan, I like Jazz and I like it when it is crazy. And so I decided to go there. Like the year before non of my friends came with me and so I went there alone. But I met two people I know (no, there are three! We met Yuki at the end XD) and so we spent the concert together.
We sat in the last but one row, but it was ok. Last year I was in 1st row in front of the stage. But we saw everything clearly.

And the beginning it rained a bit, but fortunately it stopped soon. The members of the orchestra went through the audience when they came out. It was great! So I walked down the stairs and made some photos. Their clothes were interesting, but I really liked them. I especially liked the woman with the bananas – and the woman at the drums in the back. I tried to count the people and I think there were around 20 to 25 people on stage. Two women were dancing and some were making acrobatic things. It really looked great. And I like the “vocalist”. A really funny man. I only say “I like fish!” XD A woman behind us said: “For sure he likes fish, he is Japanese!”. But he was really funny. And his English was cute. Rearry!! xD And for sure I liked the other musicians. I love saxophone. And I love Jazz music. Awesome stuff! What was really interesting was the man in the back who calmly was drawing a picture. First you didn’t know what it should become, but at the end it was a great dragon. Amazing!

The music was great. And all were singing “lalalalala” at the end \(^___^)/ They also played a calm song and the woman at the drums sang. It was in Japanese, a wonderful song. I had tears in my eyes. I love it! But they also made great dancing music!
The highlight was the flying dragon which came out from behind and was flying over the crowd. AMAZING! It was just like a dream! <3

I made some videos and maybe I will upload 1 or 2 on YouTube. Maybe the calm song I like this much! And I will upload some of my photos on Facebook.

After the “portii” we went to the “merchandise store”. Some of the members were standing there and wanted to sell their CDs. The Banana woman wanted to sell her “banana cards”. One of the women was screaming ”買って下さい!” (katte kudasai!) and we thought that not many people would understand her... I went there and ask for some signs. In Japanese – I’m proud! And I got 5 signs! (^__^)

Afterwards the Banana woman went away from the store and I went after her. I ask her if it’s possible to take a photo together – in Japanese again. And she was speaking very quickly in Japanese back to me. I didn’t understand all, but I think she ask how I can speak Japanese to her. I said that I can speak a little. And another woman made a photo of us. She gave me one of her bananas! XD But the Banana woman was really really nice to me. She also took my hand. And all the little stuff we talked was in Japanese. I’m really proud about this. Last year after “Soil and Pimp Sessions” concert I also spoke to one of the members, but we ended up to speak in English very quickly…

I really enjoyed this night. Thank you, Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra!
ありがとうございました、 しぶさしらず!

So this was a good start for my concert marathon this summer. On Thursday and Saturday I will go to Gackt concerts. I’m so excited I even can’t sleep anymore!!!
And in August I decided to go to Marit Larsen's concert and in September to OLIVIA’s concert at the Connichi.
I’m looking forward to all this \(^_^)/

See you then~
Yoko-chan <3

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