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13 November 2011 @ 02:31 pm
[Concert Report] MIYAVI @ Hamburg on 2nd April 2011  
So finally here is the first of the missing concert reports! While writing I noticed once more that I really have a bad memory. That's why: sorry if there are some mistakes in the report (x0x)" I really should write my reports shortly after the events...

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When the Europe tour of Miyavi was announced we were pretty happy that we will finally see him again, after we went to his concert in Cologne in September 2009. We decided to go to Hamburg because it was the only concert in Germany taking place on Saturday, and also our traveling group was built very quickly: Mako-chan, her Mum, Betzi and me.

I was surprised that it took only 6 hours for us to go to Hamburg by train. After we arrived we tried to find the venue. It was funny that the concert hall was at the famous red light district “Reeperbahn”. So after we knew where we can find the venue we went around there because we still had time. For sure we went to some sex shops and looked around. We had a lot of fun, but unfortunately we didn’t found Coat West DVDs... Ok, I didn’t even expect it. But my eyes are always wide opened for it xD We also found a gay shop, but we weren’t allowed to enter (“No women!!”) So we had to make photos outside. Maybe they had Coat West inside xD’ Afterwards we found a Japanese restaurant called “KAMPAI” – and next to it was a bar called “LUNACY”. We made photos in front of it with loving memories of Luna Sea ♥ In even more loving memories of Gackt and his Yellew Fried Chickenz (YFC!!) we went to KFC *laugh*

Back at the venue we waited for another couple of hours. We made some photos for “Show Your Heart” and colored our hands and arms with a lot of stuff. It was fun. We also listened to Miyavi’s music. So time until entrance went buy quickly.
If I remember right we were close to the stage, around 6~7th row, directly in front of Miyavi. When the show finally began everybody started screaming. Damn, I was so happy to see him again. He is such an awesome man!! ♥
I listened to his recent album very often and I really liked it. That’s why I was pretty happy that he played a lot of songs out of it. I enjoyed so many songs, just like “Torture”, “I love you, I love you, I love you and I hate you”, “What’s my name?” and “Aha”. Actually I really loved “Chillin' Chillin' Money Blues”, don’t know why, but I simply started to love this song so much! And I loved “Super Hero”. That’s one of my favorite songs right now ♥
For sure he also started to talk about the disaster of March 11th… I cried. I knew that I would cry if he only would say one word. It was so touching and I couldn’t stop my tears. And then he started to play “Gravity“ which made my emotions even heavier! I loved the song on the album, but to hear this song live… indescribable! My nerves were totally finished after this.
Miyavi also played “Freedom Fighters”. Ohmygackt, that was so great!! Freedom~ Freedom~! I think the whole audience enjoyed it! Unfortunately the show went over very quickly and we soon had to say goodbye to Miyavi again. But we all had a lot of fun with this amazing show of our Japanese crazy 21st century Boy!

Afterwards we waited for him to leave. Like always. It took a while but we spent our time with talking nonsense and laughing. Mako-chan and I waited near the exit. And then he came. He walked by only one meter in front of us. He was so close! Actually I wanted to say something to him, just like “Thank you”, but being so close to him… damn, I wasn’t even able to say a word!!! And his smile! Hell ya! I will never forget that!!!
The bus went away and everything was over. We took our bags and started to go back to the train station. Suddenly on the other side of the street we saw Olivia Jones. He/she is a famous travesty star in Germany and for sure we knew that her bar is nearby, but to see her standing here on the street in front of us – wow! We asked her to make a photo with us. And once more I realized that she is very very tall!

Back at the train station we spent our time at Mc Donalds, because our train was driving at 6 a.m. The night was long, but it wasn’t boring at all in Mc Donalds. There was a fight between two men. Actually Mako-chan, Betzi and I thought they would be gay, but then suddenly realized that they were fighting. It was just like in a movie, with throwing one on the ground and such stuff. But then the police came and took those men with them.
Back at home I stood up for a while and slept some time later – still with the wonderful feeling of a splendid concert of our guitar god Miyavi inside of me.
Thank you for this awesome night – and see you again soon!! ♥
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