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01 December 2012 @ 10:11 pm

Hello my dears readers ☆  
Within the last weeks I got to listen to many new CDs. I want to give a little review to some of them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

First I want to start with AJISAI’s new mini album WORLD ENTRANCE E.P.

ajisai world entrance 

This album actually was released in June, but it seemed to be impossible for me to get it, because it was only sold at their lives in Japan and while there is not such a big international fan base I also couldn’t find it anywhere in the internet. Luckily it was possible to buy it at a little Japanese internet shop after a while and my sweetheart bought it for me. So in October – after four months – I was finally able to listen to it.

The mini album includes seven songs, there I remember especially one songs, because I really liked it when they played it on a livestream in the internet a while ago. This song is called “Fukai Mori” and has this special AJISAI-sound. Ok, most of the songs have this special sound and that’s why it’s very difficult for me to say which song of the album I love most. I think “Kimi ga ite Boku ga ite” is a very catchy tune and I could sing along in the refrain very quickly. I also like “Sakura ga saita nara” very much, a very nice ballad – and for sure “Saboten no hitori goto” is also a great song as all the other songs.

All in all, it’s a great mini-album with a lot of wonderful songs which I all started to love. Hopefully a new full album will be released so and I can get the possibility to see them live someday again. Somehow I really miss them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Next new album is the one of MIYAVI, called “SAMURAI SESSIONS VOL. 1" and was released on 14 November 2012.


First thing I like is the cover – and a fan-made version of it which made me really laugh (insider joke). All the songs are cooperation works with other musicians.  Actually, I don’t like the first two songs so much, but then this album starts to really get awesome!

For sure, “Day 1” with YUKSEK is still great. I already loved it when the single has been released. Then comes “Silent Anger” together with TAKESHI HOSOMI. To tell the true, I never heard of Takeshi Hosomi before, but I really started to like his voice – so much that I later googled him and tried out to find more music of him. So I totally love this song. “Pleasure!” is a song I really look forward to listen to at a concert. It must be so much fun to sing all together. “Ooooooh~eeeeeh~oooooh! Oooooooh~laaaa~laaa!” ♫♪ 
One song I also really love on this album is “HA NA BI” with HIROMITSU AGATSUMA and JIN OKI. Agatsuma is playing Shamisen in this song and it sounds so damn awesome. I really love the sound of shamisen – and when Miyavi is rocking to it, it’s even more awesome.
The last song is “INORI WO” together with SEIJI KAMEDA and MIU SAKAMOTO. It’s a wonderful ballad, which makes me see Miyavi sitting at his girls bed and singing this as good-night-song. His voice and Miu Sakamoto sounds very good together. It for sure will become one of my favorite ballads of Miyavi.

Conclusion: The album doesn’t start with my expectations, but it because pretty awesome after a few minutes. I can’t wait anymore and hope every day, that he announces to come back to Germany. We saw him last time in April 2011 – that’s tooooooo long ago!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Last album for today is “Shangri-La” from MUCC which was released just a few days ago. Well, I just listened to it for the first time today. But my reaction was pretty heavy, so I already want to write about my first impression.

Mucc shangri-la

The album starts with a really heavy and rocking sound and after listening to it for two~three times I get used to it. The fourth song “Arcadia” makes it all become a little bit more melodically & electronically and makes me start to really like it. The already known song “Nirvana” is as great as it was released as single.

I personally like “Shuuchaku no Kane”. The beginning is so wonderful – and the whole song, too. One of my favorite songs of this album. “Pure Black” is a song that made me dance through my room (laugh). It sounds very funny! Same with “Marry You”. I want to listen to these two funny songs live!! With “MOTHER” we have another rocking MUCC-like ballad, which I really love a lot.
The title song “Shangri-La” – which is the last song of the album – coursed a burst in my mood. After dancing around happily and sat down and started to cry within a minute. I don’t know what the song is about right now, but it simply touched me deeply. Somehow it reminds me a little bit of “Sanbika” from “Kyuutai” album, but this also makes me cry always when I listen to it.

In the end, I just can say that this album really crashed into me with the first listening. There are not many albums which make me smile, dance and cry while the first listening. MUCC did it!
I can’t wait to go to their concert again. I want to see Tatsurou and his dorks again!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hahaha, I just realized that all reviews are about musicians I already so live.
Confirms, that I’m a real fan of every one, doesn’t it?

Hope you all have a nice weekend! See you soon! ☆  

04 November 2012 @ 09:57 pm
Better later than never. Finally I was able to write a few lines about the concert of INORAN in Hamburg we went to on 8 September 2012. Here we go:

On 8 September we went to INORAN’s concert in Hamburg (I can’t believe that already 2 months have passed since that). My travel group was the usual one: Anika, her mum and Betzi. I love to go to concerts together with them! ♥

We started our trip early in the morning again and went to Hamburg by train. The train ride was kind of funny. Normally we just can sit at the normal seats of second class with our tickets. One train was full with soccer fans who went to a game (I was surprised because there were many policemen around) and so we were allowed to go to first class. Actually, I never was at the first class in a train. I was surprised that they had power outlets for every seat, so we all charged our smartphones xD

424662_4656698379735_1156378498_n Inoran 184037_4656713300108_891356174_n 

When we arrived in Hamburg we went to the hall - which was a club called HEAD CRASH. There were just a few people standing in front of the door, so we went away again for having lunch. We ended up at an Italien restaurant with very funny owners. I ate a very delicious pizza and we also ended up drinking something with the restaurant owner. Then we went a little bit around the famous “Reeperbahn” (redlight district in Hamburg) and went back to the hall. The number of people waiting didn’t really change. All in all, I think we were around 100 people, so it was a very nice atmosphere while the concert.

Inoran Inoran

The first after we went inside was the Meet&Greet with INORAN. For sure, I was totally nervous. When it was Anika’s and my turn we gave INORAN a little present and I tried to say it to him in Japanese, but I was so nervous, I ended up saying only four or five words. Than we got signs and he made a photo with each of us. While I was the only one of our group with a camera the photographer had to take seven pictures with my camera. He was kind of confused that all the people belong to me. And I was  so rattled, that I nearly dropped my camera when I handed it over to the photographer. At least, INORAN laught!
Taking a picture with INORAN was… ah, I don’t know how to say it. My whole body was shaking because I was so nervous. But INORAN is such a nice person. He also put his arm around me and everything. That was really great.

Inoran     Inoran

Afterward we were waiting for the concert to start. It was really great and I will never forget the atmosphere. I knew a lot of songs and could sing along. He also played my favorite song which he sang together with Anna Tsuchiya on his album. I was concentrated to watch the bassist U:ZO long time. In fact, I have seen him live three times last year when we went to YelloFriedChickenz’s concert, but because I was totally into Chacha I was totally ignoring him. I regret this a little bit now, because U:ZO is a great musician and I really became his fan-girl. He is very funny. I want to see him live more often~

Inoran Inoran

The concert was over very quickly, I was surprised. After we bought some drinks we stayed in front of the hall to wait till they come out. INORAN and the drummer RYO YAMAGATA went out very quickly and walked away so nobody could catch them. So next we stood right in front of the door so that we at least could catch U:ZO. And we did it. When he came out I asked him to take photos with us and give us autographs (in Japanese). First he was confused, because he “is just the bassist and we all came here for INORAN”. He was so cute. We did the same with the guitarist YUKIO MURATA and everyone was happy.

Inoran 217934_4656760141279_251320213_n

While we didn’t know what to do after this (we still had nine hours till our train went back home and didn’t wanted to spent all the time at the train station) we decided to stay there for a little bit longer and relaxed and talked. We were sitting with our backs to the entrance. Suddenly, over an half hour later, Anika’s mum said that INORAN just went back into the hall. We were totally confused. Why did he come back?? Actually, all four guys and the staff came back to pick up all the equipment. They had taken a shower probably at their hotel near the club.

I saw the chance to get my last missing sign of RYO YAMAGATA. But a girl was talking to him in English - but he didn’t seem to understand much English. This girl wanted to ask all four to put car ears on their head and take a photo. For sure, RYO YAMAGATA didn’t want to do this. After some time I simply interrupted them and asked him in Japanese if he could sign my book. He immediately turned to me and ignored the other girl. That was kind of funny.

Inoran Inoran

In the end we watched them bringing all their stuff to the cars until they went away. We also could say “good-bye” and “mata ne” to them. It was so cool. I can’t describe this feeling.

It was after midnight when we left the place. We decided to go to the harbor. It was very beautiful to watch all the lights there. We stayed there for one hour, trying to realize what just happened. Then we went back to the train station, picked up our stuff, ate something at McDonalds and searched a place to sit down so we could catch a few hours of sleep.  

Hamburg Hamburg

So, all in all, it was simply an amazing day. I hope I can see INORAN someday once more.

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23 September 2012 @ 02:42 pm
As I told you in my last entry, I went to OosedoChishima's concert on August 25. It was a really great day!! ♥

First I did a little tea party with my friends Anika, Narumi-chan and Carmen. Afterwards we went to the church where the concert should take place. Because I wanted to do an interview with the musicians we went there two hours before the concert should start. When we arrived there we could already listen to them practicing. It was really nice.

A short introduction of OosedoChishima:
OsedoChishima (大瀬戸千嶋) are Osedo Takashi on saxophone and Chishima Satoshi on electronic organ, both coming from Hiroshima. After studying at different universities, they started to make music together in June 2006. On stage OsedoChishima mixes up classic music with many other music genres. Especially because they play instrumental music, there is no language problem for foreign people.

Unfortunately they only spoke Japanese - so we did the interview in Japanese (I translated the questions with Narumi before we went their) and their producer Horie-san who is very good in German language translated everything to me. When I showed them a newspaper article from five years ago they were really surprised. Especially when they saw that it was signed by them and found out that I have been to this concert, too. The atmosphere became very cool and friendly after this.

After the interview they went away to dress up and prepare the last things. We waited outside and did a little photo shooting by ourself. This was very much fun.

When they came back they were wearing white suites - looking totally amazing. We did some photos together and then the concert should start.

The concert was really wonderful! After playing some classic pieces, in the second half they started to play their own songs. They even played a song of there new album "Future" which has been released on September 19, 2012. It was very much fun listening to their music. They also played the Japanese song "Sukiyaki" (in Japan known as "Ue O Muite Aruko"). By now this song is still stuck into my head.

Osedo-san spoke a little bit German in the breaks. Actually it sounded good! After the concert we saw that everything was written in Katakana. That's pretty cute! (^.^)~

After the concert we got the flyer of their new album and autographs! Both are very nice and gentle people and I hope I can meet them some day again! (^0^)~ ♥

Official website
Official Facebook account
Chishima's Twitter account

Official article for YokosoNews.com (follows when published)
Detailed blog entry (in German only)

And here a song from their first album "Dream Stage" from 2010 --- KAZE
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18 August 2012 @ 02:21 pm

Hello everyone! Hisashiburi! Long time not seen!
Actually many things did happen since I last wrote on my journal.

First, I finished my traineeship last month. Three years have past where I had to learn a lot of things and wrote many tests and exams. But everything is done now and I ended up with an „overall very good“ mark. I’m happy! So my real working life has started and I get more money. I hope everything will go the right way now.

Second thing: I was in Japan for two weeks in July. Yes, what shell I say? It was so wonderful and I want to go back right now! I miss my friends so much and want to see them again! Maybe I will write here about it a little bit, but I don’t know right now. First I want to write about it on my new blog in German language called ~Lost In Japan~ .


Furthermore I’m now a freelance writer at YokosoNews. I got to know YokosoNews and Katz Ueno because of March 11 last year. Now, I’m happy that I can work together with Katz and many other people on this nice news website about Japan.

I already have published two articles. May you want to take a look:
- Gion Corner Kyoto
- Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama

Yeah, last but not least, some concerts are coming.

Next week a concert of the Japanese musicians OosedoChishima takes place near my home. I'm very interested how it will be when they play saxophone and organ in a church.
On September 8 we will go to the concert of Inoran (Luna Sea) in Hamburg. I really look forward to see him again, while I enjoyed Luna Sea’s concert in November 2010 very much.

Next will be An Cafe in Munich on November 11. I hope it will be a lot of fun, espeacially because a Japanese friend of mine will go there with me ♥

Inoran concert

Do, this was a news update from me.
See you again soon (^0^)/

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Hi everyone!

Here we go on with my pictures of the NicoRadi show from 8th June. 音譜
This time it was a two-men-show of Chacha & Takumi again. I really love seeing them together.

As always, first they were talking and meeting with the cosplay-guy. And Takumi drew a caricature of Chacha にひひ

Afterwards Chacha and Takumi started to watch the YFC Live DVDs from Japan and Berlin. These are so wonderful memories. I wish I could go back to Berlin right now しょぼん
The both were playing guitar together, too. It's so awesome to see them rocking together. Pure awesomeness! ラブラブ!

Chacha's thoughts on the next picture: Ain't I'm looking great? ♥ xD

I totally loved this show. It was so great and touching. I hope I can see them live again someday.
That's it for now. See you soon, my dears ラブラブ

1, 2, 3, 4, YFC!

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17 June 2012 @ 01:01 pm
Hi everyone! 音譜
As late as always here I have some pictures of the NicoRadi show from 1st June.
This time it was made by Chacha, Takumi and You, and the tree seemed to have a lot of fun. Especially You's hair are so awesome にひひ

This weeks task was to cook Omurice, a Japanese dish with fried rice inside omelette. ナイフとフォーク
So Takumi and Chacha slipped into the clothes of cooks and tried to cook omurice for You.
It was really funny to watched them cooking! ドキドキ

You tried the finished omurice. Actually he didn't seem to like Chacha's version at all and so Takumi won べーっだ!

The show was over too quickly. I could watch them cooking all the time. And even if he can't cook, this clothes are looking good on Chacha ラブラブ

See you soon!
1, 2, 3, 4, YFC!

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05 June 2012 @ 05:37 pm

There is only one month left until I will fly to Japan!! I’m so excited! Yeah~~ \(^0^)/

On 5th July I will go to the airport in Frankfurt and then fly to Japan. I will arrive at Narita airport in the morning of 6th July.
By now, already some plans are made. But there are still many guide books to study.

I will spend my time in Tokyo area at the same hostel in Yokohama which I was in the last time, too. I can’t wait to see my friends again. I miss them all so much (Q__Q)~~

For sure I want to spend a lot of time in Tokyo. I want to do a lot of sightseeing and want to go shopping in Harajuku. Of course I want to see Tokyo Sky Tree and I think about going to top of Tokyo Tower. And I hope I can spend a lot of time with my friends.

I look forward to see Haruna-chan for two days. Especially I look forward to going to Tokyo Disney Land together. I really can’t wait anymore (>///<)/  But I’m also a little bit nervous about meeting her family and staying at her home.

I also will be in Kyoto for six days. I really look forward to seeing more of Kyoto since my last little trip to Kyoto was kind of chaotic *laugh*

I also want to go to Osaka for one day – and visit the BODY LINE shop & Pokemon Center there (*^*)~

And certainly I look forward to meet my dear friend Aki again. Miss you~

Only one more month to go and still many things left to do.
But at least all hostels & the flight are booked and I already good my documents for JapanRailPass.
I changed my money, too.

I hope that the time will go by soon and I can say 「こんにちは」 to you from Japan (^0^)/

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Hello everyone! ニコニコ
I know it’s a little bit late, but I didn’t had time earlier, because I was busy within the last days (>0<)”

Last Friday, on 18th May, I watched the YellowFriedChickenz show on NicoNico together with my best friend Mako-chan. It was the first time to watch it for her, and my second one. And it was so much fun! ラブラブ
This time the show was made by Chachamaru and Takumi. I have to say that these both are a dream-team. I could watch them the whole day talking about silly stuff and playing silly games.

They played pingpong with really strange rules. Everytime you lose you have to do something. Takumi was playing against Chacha & Kenchi-cosplayer. Takumi lost the most time at the beginning and it was really funny. Probably some of the actions really hurt *laugh*

Especially it was nice that Chacha was wearing a Dortmund tricot. I really love it. Hopefully he comes back to Germany again soon~ 音譜 When Chacha lost one round he had to wear silly glasses メガネドキドキ He looked so awesome *laugh*

All the show was so great (^0^)/
Unfortunately I couldn’t watch the show yesterday…

See you soon, my dears ラブラブ

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07 May 2012 @ 03:01 pm
[fangirl mode on]
[fangirl mode off]

Ah, yes~ hello everyone!!
A few days ago I saw a picture of Tatsurou (MUCC) on Facebook which I found really beautiful. When I was looking around Livejournal yester I found the whole scans of this photoshooting - and they are really really great. That's why I want to share them with you ♥ I hope you will also like them.
And I have to say that I'm jealous! I also want to have such beautiful long hair (TωT)

This pictures are from the magazine ROCK AND READ, vol. 041.

All credits to [info]vulgarismx Thank you so much!!! あじさい
Original scans taken from J-Rock Scans Community.
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Hello everyone!! How are you? (^0^)/

While I haven't done something for a long time at my Little Chacha Fansite, now finally there is an update!
I made a new design and I hope you will like it ♥
I plan to collect a few more information for the website soon (after I have finished my final exams next week, I think I will have enough time for this).

If you have some time left, why don't you take a look?

I whope you will have a nice weekend and a wonderful time!
And please wish me luck next week (^.ー)

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